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Hana Inoue "Geometry×Prism"

Sep 22 - Oct 15, 2017
11:00-19:00, Closed on Tue, Wed
Venue | Yoshimi Arts

Yoshimi Arts is pleased to present, “Geometry x Prism” a solo exhibition by Hana Inoue for the first time in six years.
Inoue creates stories based on sensations perceived from familiar things, which she paints with her rich colors. Her interest in geometric patterns inspired the works for this exhibition, which presents polygons, circles, color transformation, the refraction of light (prisms), and the nature of infinity. In addition to the paintings, sculptural pieces, which change with viewer intervention, will be exhibited.
We invite you to witness a world that we catch glimpses of in our everyday lives, in which geometric figures are transformed by light, and is transformed further by human intervention.

Yoshimi Arts


Last summer, I moved to an old house.
The windows of the house were made in the retrospective Showa-style that we rarely see nowadays.

The world seen through the frosted glass are only faint colors.
But the patterns engraved on the window are sharp and vivid.

The forms are inorganic, yet the deep, sensational movements have a warmth and danger to them.

The geometric patterns sprinkled on the glass create a colorful prism effect when the light passes through.

The word geometric brings to mind familiar forms and patterns seen in daily life, but originally, geometry was used to research the nature of space through the use of figures.
The theorem derived from this research continues to exist without humanity, and humanity cannot change the theorem.

However, the various changes that occur when the geometric figures go through a prism, and furthermore, the changes that occur when there is human intervention is examined through the exhibition, “Geometry x Prism”.

Hana Inoue


image | 《14:20》 2017 pigments, metal leaf, cotton cloth, panel 333×333mm(S4)


《Prism》 2017 pigments, metal leafl, hemp paper, acrylic plate, mirror, laminate


Hana Inoue
1982 Born in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
2006 Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts (Japanese Painting), Hiroshima City University
2008 Completed Master Program (Japanese Painting) in Graduate School of Art, Hiroshima City
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