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Yoshimi Arts Storage Tokyo

It will be opened on Mar 31, 2020
B1F, 2-16-5, Honjo, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0004 Japan






■Haruko Sasakawa organizes a group exhibition "Collection of Recollection" and exhibit her video work. 

■Mizuki Kakinuma participates in the talk event "The Art Club by ArtScouter" as a guest. 

■"Yoshimi Arts Storage Tokyo" is scheduled to open on Mar 31, 2020.

■Haruko Sasakawa will talk about the report of study in Germany as a trainee of upcoming artist of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

■We will hold the exhibition "Shigeru Izumi 70's" as the first exhibition in 2020. 

■We will hold a solo exhibition "EYE" by Yugo Kohrogi. 

■We will hold the exhibition "Insight 23". .

■Yugo Kohrogi participates in the exhibition at Canalside Gallery, Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum, 

■"Keigo Kamide Still Life" is exhtended until Oct 20.

■"Takehiro Terabayashi - small life -" exhibition page, uploaded. 

■Keigo Kamide's work collected by 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa will be exhibited.

■Haruko Sasakawa paritcipates in the group exhibition "Ctiy Flip-Flop" in Taipei 

■Keigo Kamide participates in the art festival "KUTANism" in Komatsu City and Mino City. 

■Keigo Kamide "Still Life" exhibition page, uploaded.

■Shigeru Izumi "Drawings 1960's" exhibition page, uploaded.

■"Insight 22" exhibition page, uploaded.

■The artist page of Lothar Götz, uploaded. 

■432(SAI GALLERY, Yoshimi Arts, The Third Gallery Aya) will hold the group exhibiton "Flash Memories" curated by Takeshi Hirata. 

■Rachel Adams's oudoor commission 《Hothouse》 runs until October 2019 in Hospitalfield, Arbroath, UK.

■Keigo Kamide was nominated for Pramita Ceramic Grand Prize and wil participate in the exhibition. 

■We will hold the exhibition "Katsuo Tachi 1997-2007". 

■We started Shiho Yamamoto solo exhibition "Organic".

■We participates in the "Art Fair Tokyo 2019" in March. 

■Haruko Sasakawa particpates in the exhibition "On the Verge of Fiction" at Kuandu Museum of FIne Art. 

■Yugo Kohrogi participates in the exhibition "The 10 years of SHUOU Foundation Award for Art Studies" at Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art. 

■Keigo Kamide has his solo exhibition at Art Gallery of Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store. 

■We will hold Miki Sato's solo exhibiton in February. 

■"Insight 21" will be extended until January. 

■Takehiro Terabayashi participates in the group exhibition "In Between the Classic and the Contemporary" at Hiroshima City University Art Museum.

■We started the exhibition "Insight 21" from Dec 5, 2018. 

■Keigo Kamide has his solo exhibition at Takashimaya Yokohama Store.