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"Insight 19-2" on Artsy
Group exhibition on art information website Artsy
Jan 1 - 26, 2018
Yoshimi Arts page on Artsy

spiral take art collection 2017 "SHU SHU SHU SHOW"
Group exhibition
Term 1: Dec 15 - 18, 2017 → finished
Term 2: Dec 20 - 25, 2017 → finished
Spiral Garden
Offical Website: http://www.spiral.co.jp/takeart/

Insight 19
Group exhibition
Dec 7 - 25, 2017 → finished
Yoshimi Arts
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KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa
Keigo Kamide | Room No.205 Yoshimi Arts

Nov 24- 26, 2017 → finished
*Nov 24 : invitation only
KUMU Kanazawa
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Nov 15 - 20, 2017 → finished
Art Stage, 9F, Hankyu Umeda Main Store

Special exhibition (group exhibition)
Oct 7 - Dec 3, 2017
Sato Memorial Art Museum of Toyama
Exhibition page (Japanese) |

Insight 18
Jul 21 - Aug 10, 2017 → finished
Closed | Sun, Mon, Jul 28
Yoshimi Arts
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Keigo Kamide "Forgotten banáns"
Mar 22 - Apr 10, 2017 → finished
Venue | art gallery X, Takashimaya Nihombashi Store (Tokyo)

Yoshimi Arts <"Material and Form" in a digital age>
Preview | Feb. 10 → finished
Open to the Public | Feb 11 and 12 → finished
Room no,2703 (Yoshimi Arts booth), Park Hotel Tokyo (Shiodome/Tokyo)
We will hold the group exhibition <"Material and Form" in a digital age> in our room.
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ISETAN HAUS (Nagoya) | http://isetan.mistore.jp.e.az.hp.transer.com/store/other/isetanhaus/index.htmlKutani Choemon (Keigo Kamide) 's works, in a few cabinets

Oct 19 - 25, 2016 → finished
ISETAN SALONE (Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi)


Aug 24 - Oct 4, 2016 → finished
ISETAN SALONE (Tokyo Midtown/Roppongi) | http://isetan.mistore.jp.e.az.hp.transer.com/store/shinjuku/isetansalone/index.html
Kutani Choemon's new works and Keigo Kamide(Kutani Choemon)'s works, with Minako Nishiyama's works

Keigo Kamide "Bears Live In The Hollow"
Jun 18 - Jul 10, 2016 →Extended until Jul 16 11:00-19:00 Closed on Tue, Wed → finished
Opening Reception | Jun 18, 18:00-
Yoshimi Arts
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*Event held at the time
Keigo Kamide (Kutani Choemon) "Bears Live In The Hollow
Jun 18 - Jul 10, 2016 7:00-23:00 → finished
UMEDA TSUTAYA BOOKS (LUCUA 1100 9F/Umeda/Osaka) | http://real.tsite.jp/umeda/english/


Yoshimi Arts booth Room No.6105
Preview | July 1 , 2016
Public Open | July 2 - 3 → finished
Venue | Hotel Granvia Osaka 26th Floor
ART OSAKA Website | http://www.granvia-osaka.jp/

2nd (Magazine) Vol.111
Keigo Kamide was introduced in the special article of the magazine "2nd"
http://www.2ndweb.jp/magazine-432/ (Japanese)

Interview by "GAP 1969 MAGAZINE"(web, Japanese)

HONOHO GEIJUTSU (Magazine) No.123
Keigo Kamide was introduced in the special article of the quarterly magazine "HONOHO GEIJUTSU"
http://www.abepublishing.co.jp/user_data/tougei_new.html (Japanese)

Video : Talk by Keigo Kamide
αM Project 2013 "The Earthly Paradise"

Curator: Yasuyuki Nakai (Chief Curator of The National Museum of Art, Osaka)
@ gallery αM
【Video】Artist Talk, Jul 13, 18:00-19:00
Keigo Kamide x Yasuyuki Nakai

Japanese talk - You can set automatic translate captions.

【Video】αM Gallery Talk, "Keigo Kamide talks about Kutani ware and his works", Aug 6, 19:00-
Keigo Kamide

Japanese talk - You can set automatic translate captions.




Keigo Kamide
1981 Born in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
2006 BFA, Department of Fine Arts: Oil Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts
Solo Exhibition
2017 "Forgotten banáns" (Art Gallery X, Takashimaya Nihombashi Store/Tokyo)
2016 "Bears Live In The Hollow" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
2015 "BEAR MOUNTAIN or MOUNTAIN BEAR" (Art Gallery, Nagoya Matsuzaka-ya/Nagoya)
2014 "Quiet Storm" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) 
2013 αM Project 2013 "The Earthly Paradise" vol.3 Keigo Kamide (gallery αM/Tokyo)
  "Floating" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
2012 "Bananas" (pARa:siTe/Ishikawa)
2011 "Isolated" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
2010 "Kutani Connexion" (Spiral Garden/Tokyo)
2009 "Art / Craft" (Oukashorin/Nagano)
2008 "Style" (Takagikoujisyouten/Ishikawa)
  "Para:sideB" (pARa:siTe/Ishikawa)
2007 "Para:sideA" (pARa:siTe/Ishikawa)
Group Exhibition
2017 Special exhibition (Sato Memorial Art Museum of Toyama/Toyama)
2015 "Show-zui-zu" (Art Gallery X, 6F, Takashimaya Nihombashi Store/Tokyo)
  "5th Anniversary Festival !!" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) 
  "Koi-suru Kogei Exhibition" (Kurobe City Art Museum/Kurobe City, Toyama Prefecture) 
2014 "Material and Form" in a digital age (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) 
2013 "Kutani Wagatani" (G-WING'S gallery/Ishikawa, 2014 Sokyo/Kyoto)
  'Renew Japanese Tradition "Shou" (Wako Hall, Wako(Ginza)/Tokyo)
2012 "Primitive [ in order ]" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
2011 Insight "Repetition" (ART OSAKA - Yoshimi Arts/Hotel Granvia Osaka/Osaka) 
2010 "BASARA" (Spiral Garden/Tokyo)
  "First International Triennale of Kogei in Kanazawa" (21st Century Museum of Contemporary
  Art, Kanazawa/Kanazawa)
2009 "Medicine and Art" (Mori Art Museum/Tokyo)
  "Shokubutsu no Utsuwa" (G-WING’S Gallery/Ishikawa)
  "Nowhere but Hayama Opening Exhibition" (Nowhere but Hayama/Kanagawa)
2008 "Kiryu Saien 14" (Kiryu Moriyoshi Koba/Gunma)
  "Hako" (pARa:siTe/Ishikawa)
2007 "Kiryu Saien 13" (Kiryu Moriyoshi Koba/Gunma)
  "Montblanc Young Artist Patronage in Japan" (Montblanc Ginza/Tokyo)
2009 "ART PICNIC" (Omotesando Hills/Tokyo)
  "KUTANI SEAL WORKSHOP", held all over Japan since this year.
2007 "Kenichiro Mogi talks a great deal with artists in Kanazawa" (social/Ishikawa)
  "PUMA with MARUWAKA KUTANI" (Midtown/4 areas including Tokyo)
  Made the plate for lunch, exhibited in "Flower robotics" by Tatsuya Matsui (Art Tower
Kutani Choemon
1879 Established as Kutani ware wholesaler in Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture
1969 Recived the hornor to dedicate "Flower Vase" at the request of the Meiji Shrine
1983 Recived the hornor to make the tableware used when Emperor Showa visited
  Ishikawa Prefecture
1993 Recieved the Award from the Minister of Trade and Industry for evaluation of promotion of
  traditional craft works
2000 The wares were used as the tableware at the dinner party, Okinawa Summit
2003 The fourth heir was decorated with the Fifth Class Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Sliver
2007 Participated in "PUMA with MARUWAKA KUTANI" and made each parts of bicycle in Kutani
2010 Hold the solo exhibition "KUTANI CONNEXION" at Spiral garden, Tokyo.
2011 Made a new series of tableware collaborated with a spanish designer Jaime Hayon and
  presented them in Mirano Salone, Itary
  The work "Skull" Candy Jar with Floral Design by Kamide Choemongama + MARUWAKA-YA
  was added to the collection of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
2012 Hold the exhibition with Yoshiki, a craftsman of Tokoname teapot, at Sabo Issho in Kanazawa.
2015 Hold the first overseas solo exhibition <”ORIGINS” KUTANI CHOEMON’s Journey> at
  nakaniwa in Paris, France
  The exhibition "Kutani Kamide Choemon-gama" (Art Gallery, Okayama Takashimaya
21st Century Museum of Contemprary Art, Kanazawa; Nomi City; Japigozzi Collection; Takahashi Collectio; MONTBLANC JAPAN