Insight 31 "something familiar"


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Insight 31 "something familiar"

Jun 12 (wed) - 30 (sun), 2024
12:00-19:00 (sun -17:00)
Closed on mon, tue
Yoshimi Arts

Exhibited works (artists) |
Rachel Adams / Keigo Kamide / Haruko Sasakawa / Katsuhisa Sato / Minako Nishiyama


Yoshimi Arts is pleased to hold the exhibition, “Insight 31”.

The “Insight” series is a regular exhibition that primarily showcases the work of artists from Yoshimi Arts, with each exhibition featuring a different theme. This 31st edition focuses on the theme of “something familiar”.

Artwork is frequently inspired by interactions with familiar environments and the everyday objects used within them. As a result, pieces crafted from repurposed ready-made items or discarded materials often embody satire, humor, and kitsch.

When considering the familiar, one cannot overlook the advent of new devices, such as hand-sized smartphones. These devices have allowed individuals and small groups to disseminate various types of information through social media and other platforms, significantly influencing the wider public.

The five featured artists in this exhibition are adept in their respective fields, having used their insights to create artwork that expands upon the foundations of art history. As you enjoy our exhibition, we hope you will ponder on the “something familiar” aspect that is present in each work.

We look forward to your visit to our gallery.

image|Katsuhisa Sato pictorial metaphor (sap green) 2023 fragment of pottery glue, white pigment, acrylic, oil on japanese paper 13.5 x 7 x h6.5cm ©Katsuhisa Sato


Artist profile |

Rachel Adams >>
Born in 1985 in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. MA in Fine Art University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art. MFA in Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford.
Recent major solo exhibitions: "Damp" (domobaal/London, 2022), "Open Studio" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka, 2015), "Posturing" (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art/Edinburgh, 2012).
Major group exhibitions: '"Material and Form" in a digital age' (Yoshimi Arts, 2014), "Paper" (Saatchi Gallery/London, 2013) etc.

Keigo Kamide >>
Born in 1981, lives and works in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. BFA, Department of Fine Arts: Oil Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts.
Recent major solo exhibitions: "The New Bananas" (Art Gallery, Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store/Nagoya, Yoshimi Arts/Osaka, 2022), "Porcelain Panel Painting Exhibition Ⅲ: Under | Over" (, 2022).
Major group exhibitions: "15th Anniversary Exhibition: Where We Now Stand—In Order to Map the Future [2]" (21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa/Ishikawa, 2019), "The 14th Paramita Ceramic Art Grand Prize Exhibition" (Paramita Museum/Mie, 2019), etc.

Haruko Sasakawa >>
Born in Osaka, Japan in 1983 and lives and works in Ibaraki, Japan. DFA in Inter Media Art, Tokyo University of the Arts.
Recent major solo exhibitions: "Haruko Sasakawa: featuring works rom Kenichi Nakamura Fragments Delivered" (Koganei City HAKENOMORI Museum/Tokyo, 2023), "Recollection: the plywood fish" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka, 2017).
Major group exhibitions: "DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow" Exhibition 2021 (The National Art Center/Tokyo, 2021), "City Flip-Flop" (C-LAB/Taipei, 2019), etc.

Katsuhisa Sato >>
Born in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan in 1973, Currently lives and works in Aichi Prefecture. MA in Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music.
Recent major solo exhibitions: "Same Thing" (SHINBI GALLERY/Nagoya, 2023), "SHOUONJI ART PROJECT 28th surface / ecafrus" (Shouonji/Tokyo, 2021).
Major group exhibitions: "Who Opens up the World?" (Toyota Municipal Museum of Art/Aichi, 2019), "Aichi Triennale 2016" (Nagoya City Art Museum/Aichi, 2016), etc.

Minako Nishiyama >>
Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan in 1965. MA in Kyoto City University of Arts.
Recent major solo exhibitions: "MINAKO NISHIYAMA / boudoir..." (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka, 2021), "Minako NISHYAMA 90's ★twinkle eyes★" (Yoshimi Arts, 2018).
Major group exhibitions: "Collection1 80/90/00/10" (The National Museum of Art, Osaka, 2023), "Special Feature 1: Between Fiction and Reality" (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, 2023), "FEMINISMS" (21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa/Ishikawa, 2021), etc.