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Takehiro Terabayashi - small life -

Oct 30 (wed) - Nov 17 (sun), 2019
11:00-19:00 (sun -17:00)
Closed on mon, tue
Yoshimi Arts

The artist will be at the gallery on Oct 30, 31, Nov 1, 6, 7, 8, 14, 15, 16, 17


Yoshimi Arts will hold a solo exhibition of Takehiro Terabayashi, “small life.” This will be the artist’s first solo show at the gallery in three years. 
In recent years while it has become a major trend for many artists to use various mediums such as photographs, Terabayashi has been consistent in his style of drawing, spending most of his time in production standing right in front of the object to capture it through his eyes. It can be said that, nowadays, where most people look at things via internet, objects are viewed two-dimensionally, and events as flat information. However, Terabayashi, who studied design, has a good understanding of the logical superiority of observation through one's eyes compared to the machine identification of things, and thus has been creating works with an obsession of looking at real things.
He also says that what inspires him the most is when he selects motifs that make him feel special and induces a genuine craving for drawing. These words also describe the very essence of his works; what consists in his works are his urges to draw “insignificant things” that can be found in the day in the life of an ordinary household.
In this exhibition we will present small paintings of his personal belongings that he has drawn through his meticulous observation. He will also perform a live painting show during the exhibition. Terabayashi has been titling his solo shows “LIFE,” to aptly describe his motifs. “small life” invites the viewer into an even more intimate experience of the life of the artist.


main image|《04-08》 2019 oil, chalk ground, panel 242×333mm(F4)
left | 《08-15》 2019  oil, chalk ground, panel 350×190mm
right | 《Lock》 2019 oil, chalk ground, panel 140×180mm(F0)


Takehiro Terabayashi >>
1981 Born in Toyama Prefecture, Japan
2004 Graduated from the Visual Design Course, Faculty of Design, Nagaoka Institute of Design
2006 Completed the Master’s Degree Program, Department of Painting (Oil Painting), Graduate School of Arts, Hiroshima City University
Lives and works in Hiroshima
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  "LIFE" (Art Fair Tokyo - Yoshimi Arts/Tokyo International Forum/Tokyo)
2013 "LIFE II" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
2011 "LIFE" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
2008 Solo Exhibition (gallery Motomachi/Kanagawa)
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2018 "In Between the Classic and the Contemporary" (Hiroshima City University Art Museum/Hiroshima)
2017 "HOPES" (Art Floor, Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store/Tokyo)
  "Contemporary Art - Three Perspectives" (Art Gallery, Takashimaya Okayama Store/Okayama)
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2005 "The Light – Portraits of the Hibakusha" (Hiroshima City University Art Museum/ Hiroshima) <,2006,2008>
2004 "Hakujitsu Exhibition" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum/Tokyo<,2006,2007>,The National Art Center, Tokyo/Tokyo<2008-2011>)
2014 "The 6th Koji Kinutani Award" Encouragement prize
2006 "Hakujitsu Exhibition" Hakujitsu prize (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum/Tokyo)
2003 "The 5th Setsuryosha-Firenze Prize Exhibition" Fine work prize (Setsuryosha Museum of Arts/Niigata)