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Keigo Kamide "The New Bananas"

Oct 5 (wed) - 23 (sun), 2022 → extended until Oct 30 (sun), 2022
12:00-19:00 (sun -17:00)
Closed on mon, tue, and Oct 14
Yoshimi Arts


Yoshimi Arts is pleased to present “The New Bananas”, a solo show by Keigo Kamide and a reconstruction based on the exhibition held this September at the Art Gallery in Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store. This exhibition is an attempt to recreate the distinctive atmosphere of the Japanese department store gallery, where Kamide has exhibited several times in the past, within the Yoshimi Arts space. By doing so, he hopes to extract a feeling of strangeness or incongruity.
Throughout his solo shows, such as “Isolated” (2011), “Floating” (2013), “Quiet Storm” (2014) at Yoshimi Arts, and “αM Project 2013: The Earthly Paradise, vol. 3 Keigo Kamide” (2013) at gallery αM, Kamide has comprehensively explored his artistic origins, the Kutani-ware, and placing himself within the context of the history of East Asian porcelain, has used methods that could be described as mythical to consider the time and place occupied by porcelain.
During the four years after this, he participated in solo shows such as “BEAR MOUNTAIN or MOUNTAIN BEAR” (2015, Matsuzakaya Nagoya Art Gallery), “Bears Live In The Hollow” (2016, Yoshimi Arts), “Forgotten banáns” (2017, Tokyo Nihombashi Takashimaya Art Gallery X), and “Porcelain Sculpture” (2018, Yokohama Takashimaya Art Gallery / 2019, Matsuzakaya Nagoya Art Gallery), expressing his environment and thoughts through the motif of a bear, and also rejecting the banana motif he had been creating since his graduation show at Tokyo University of the Arts. Then, by applying sculptural methods learned in his childhood to porcelain, he devoted himself to looking inwards and confronting himself, and attempted to make contact with something deeper within—memory. In 2019, for “The 14th Ceramic Art Grand Prize Exhibition” (Paramita Museum) and his solo show, “Still Life” (Yoshimi Arts), Kamide explored the idea of porcelain as sculpture. Using Kamide Choemon kiln products as motifs, he produced works with a sense of purity. Also, in his solo exhibition, “0years” (Yoshimi Arts), held in 2020 during the pandemic, he responded to the times by confronting various materials in an attempt to regain physicality in the face of the difficulty of meeting people, which we had previously taken for granted.
This exhibition will present his banana works for the first time at Yoshimi Arts, and five years after “Forgotten banáns” in 2017. When Kamide took a one-year period of leave from Tokyo University of the Arts, prior to his graduation exhibition, to return to his kiln and confront porcelain once again, he chose to first get in touch with the materials of Kutani-ware instead of just wholly accepting its history and techniques from the beginning. It was then he noticed that the unglazed state of an object resembled the texture of fruits and eggs, which led to the creation of banana and egg works. We could say the works were an embodiment, or were imbued with the simplicity and purity brought by the initial inspiration to start creative activity for the first time. Banana works became Kamide’s fundamental work as an artist and he has continuously been creating the series. In this exhibition, we will present his ten new banana works.

*translated by Penguin Translation


《Bunch of Bananas with Design of Chestnut》 2022 porcelain 17.9×10.4×h10.5cm

《Banana with Design of Grapes (dark blue)》 2022 porcelain 16.3×8×h3.2cm

《Banana with Design of Komon Style》 2022 porcelain 16.4×8.8×h3.3cm

*translated by Yoshimi Arts



Keigo Kamide >>
1981 Born in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
2006 BFA, Department of Fine Arts: Oil Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts
Lives and works in Ishikawa Prefecture
Solo Exhibition
2022 "The New Bananas" (Art Gallery, Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store/Nagoya)
  "Porcelain Panel Painting Exhibition Ⅲ: Under | Over" (
2021 "Still Life" (Nihombashi Takashimaya S.C./Tokyo)
2020 "0years" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) >>
  "Porcelain Panel Painting Exhibition II: THE HOUSE OUTSIDE THE HOUSE " (
2019 "Still Life" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) >>
  "Porcelain Sculpture" (Art Gallery, Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store/Nagoya)
2018 "Porcelain Sculputre" (Art Gallery, Takashimaya Yokohama Store/Yokohama)
  "Voice" (
2017 "Forgotten banáns" (Art Gallery X, Takashimaya Nihombashi Store/Tokyo)
2016 "Bears Live In The Hollow" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
2015 "BEAR MOUNTAIN or MOUNTAIN BEAR" (Art Gallery, Matsuzakaya Naogoya Store/ Nagoya)
2014 "Quiet Storm" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) >>
2013 αM Project 2013 "The Earthly Paradise" vol.3 Keigo Kamide (gallery αM/Tokyo)
  "Floating" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
2012 "Bananas" (pARa:siTe/Ishikawa)
2011 "Isolated" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
2010 "Kutani Connexion" (Spiral Garden/Tokyo)
2009 "Art / Craft" (Oukashorin/Nagano)
2008 "Style" (Takagikoujisyouten/Ishikawa)
  "Para:sideB" (pARa:siTe/Ishikawa)
2007 "Para:sideA" (pARa:siTe/Ishikawa)
Group Exhibition
2022 'Insight 26 "connection"' (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)  >>
2021 "Elegance & Brilliance - Kutani Now -" (Science Hills Komatsu/Ishikawa)
  "BLUE" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) >>
2020 Collaboration Exhibition (Gansui/Kyoto)
2019 15th Anniversary Exhibition: Where We Now Stand—In Order to Map the Future[2] (21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa/Ishikawa)
  "NEXT Kutani" (Asakura Isokichi Art Gallery/Nomi, Ishikawa) <KUTANism>
  “Kutani: Colourful, Ornamental, Objet D’art” (Kutani Ceramic Laboratory/ Komatsu, Ishikawa) <KUTANism>
  The 14th Paramita Ceramic Art Grand Prize Exhibition (Paramita Museum/Mie)
2017 Special exhibition (Sato Memorial Art Museum of Toyama/Toyama)
2015 "Show-zui-zu" (Art Gallery X, 6F, Takashimaya Nihombashi Store/Tokyo)
  "5th Anniversary Festival !!" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) >>
  "Koi-suru Kogei Exhibition" (Kurobe City Art Museum/Kurobe City, Toyama Prefecture) (Japanese)>>
2014 "Material and Form" in a digital age (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) >>
  "Premonition of Beauty 2014 -Metamorphose-" (Takashimaya Art Gallery/Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Shinjuku, Nihombashi)
2013 "Kutani Wagatani" (G-WING'S gallery/Ishikawa, 2014 Sokyo/Kyoto)
  'Renew Japanese Tradition "Shou" (Wako Hall, Wako(Ginza)/Tokyo)
2012 "Primitive [ in order ]" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
2011 Insight "Repetition" (ART OSAKA - Yoshimi Arts/Hotel Granvia Osaka/Osaka) 
2010 "BASARA" (Spiral Garden/Tokyo)
  "First International Triennale of Kogei in Kanazawa" (21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa/Kanazawa)
2009 "Medicine and Art" (Mori Art Museum/Tokyo)
  "Shokubutsu no Utsuwa" (G-WING’S Gallery/Ishikawa)
  "Nowhere but Hayama Opening Exhibition" (Nowhere but Hayama/Kanagawa)
2008 "Kiryu Saien 14" (Kiryu Moriyoshi Koba/Gunma)
  "Hako" (pARa:siTe/Ishikawa)
2007 "Kiryu Saien 13" (Kiryu Moriyoshi Koba/Gunma)
  "Montblanc Young Artist Patronage in Japan" (Montblanc Ginza/Tokyo)
Kutani Choemon
1879 Established as Kutani ware wholesaler in Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture
1969 Recived the hornor to dedicate "Flower Vase" at the request of the Meiji Shrine
1983 Recived the hornor to make the tableware used when Emperor Showa visited Ishikawa Prefecture
1993 Recieved the Award from the Minister of Trade and Industry for evaluation of promotion of traditional craft works
2000 The wares were used as the tableware at the dinner party, Okinawa Summit
2003 The fourth heir was decorated with the Fifth Class Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Sliver Rays
2007 Participated in "PUMA with MARUWAKA KUTANI" and made each parts of bicycle in Kutani ware
2010 Hold the solo exhibition "KUTANI CONNEXION" at Spiral garden, Tokyo.
2011 Made a new series of tableware collaborated with a spanish designer Jaime Hayon and presented them in Mirano Salone, Itary
  The work "Skull" Candy Jar with Floral Design by Kamide Choemongama + MARUWAKA-YA was added to the collection of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
2012 Hold the exhibition with Yoshiki, a craftsman of Tokoname teapot, at Sabo Issho in Kanazawa.
2015 Hold the first overseas solo exhibition <”ORIGINS” KUTANI CHOEMON’s Journey> at nakaniwa in Paris, France
  The exhibition "Kutani Kamide Choemon-gama" (Art Gallery, Okayama Takashimaya/Okayama)
2016 Made the keepsake at the first stage of Kabuki Actors, NAKAMURA Kantaro III and NAKAMURA Chozaburo II
2017 Hold the festival to celebrate their 50th anniversary of the introduction of gas kilin
2018 Hold the exhibitions at Sing Tehus in Denmark and Yoda in Germany
2019 Celebrated the 140th anniversary and hold "KUTANI CONNEXION" at Kanazawa Art Club
21st Century Museum of Contemprary Art, Kanazawa; Nomi City; Japigozzi Collection; Takahashi Ryutaro Collectio; MONTBLANC JAPAN


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